TomTom v.1.5 with complete maps of USA, Canada, Mexico v.855.2934 for iPhone 4 (2010) | 1.81 GB

New version of TomTom has improved user interface that is optimized for the iPhone 4. The revitalization of users can view the cartographic materials with high resolution. In addition, added a new navigation function to the photo. The function allows you to retrieve photos from geotagging location coordinates and plot a route to it.
Year: 2010
Software version: 1.5
Revision cards: 855.2934
Developer: TomTom
System Requirements: iPhone 4 iOS 4.1 Jailbreak
Language: Multilingual (Russian present)
Crack: Not required (cured)

Key features:
* IQ Routs: Uses knowledge of millions of drivers for the most rapid promotion at any time;
* HD traffic: the best information on the movement of passing the tube and precision of the time booked arrival at destination (application fee);
* ALG;
* Search on Google;
* Auto-day and night;
* Ability to rotate the screen portrait and the book;
* Mute the music during voice prompts;
* Save the navigation during telephone calls;
* Speed cameras and more.

Changes in new version:
* Coverage. Detailed map covering 99.9 percent of the U.S., Canada and Mexico
* Map is optimized for the iPhone 4. Improved graphics resolution, clear maps. Menu with improved sensitivity to touching, more accurate positioning, even in conditions of aggravated receiving GPS.
* Browse photos. Collect GPS location where the photo you want to go and TomTom will take you there!
* The new updated map. Because the roads during the year vary on average by 15 percent, applications TomToma go to the most recent cards, ready to navigate. Do not need mobile connection or relationship with these Internet to view the map and a route to your destination.


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