Post: Win 7 Ultimate 32bit Ghost multiple configurations
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Win 7 Ultimate 32bit Ghost multiple configurations

Win 7 Ultimate 32bit Ghost multiple configurations
The ghost has a full set soft for office people, listen to music watch movies, browse the latest ... All software from win to guarantee office was unlocked, undetected or active to nothing
- The ghost Windows 7 Ultimate Final Soft Some are made from the original windows 7 ultimate microsoft does not omit or further integration.
- The ghost of this I do not use anymore ES4 to sysperp sysperp tool windows.
- No additional volume wandriver order for users to use the ghost 1 lighter and can install them according to your wishes.
- Refining service, optimization, defrag, ... to the machine running smoothly
- Change the default theme of the windows with a different theme to give users one more cool feeling.
- Full DirectX 11 games to help you fight better!
- Full Font VNI for office people. The ghost does not always personalize their home.
- Especially in this ghost of your installed software is less than the other ghost. Visual software such as C ++, .Net Fx, Yahoo, K Lite Codec ... users want to use, then click the "Software" on the Desktop to automatically install offline!

Size: 3GB.

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