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Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Full (2015)

Microsoft Office 2016 ISO Full (2015)


Microsoft today launched Office 2016 for Windows. Here is the complete Office suite and powerful for users from basic to advanced, so in addition to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote that it also includes Access, Publisher, Outlook, Sway and some other stuff depending on package you buy. Most notable during this upgrade is to support multiple people editing one file in real time, similar to Google Docs and Office Online. Currently this new regime applies to Word, will soon expand to other popular office software. To use, you need a Microsoft account. Note, Office 2016 is a suite of applications more functions, more powerful and more complex than Office for Windows 10. If you do have to use Office 365, then right now you can download the Office 2016 installation, and otherwise permanently licensed here.

Some other features available in Office 2016 for Windows:

- Tell Me a new tool that allows you to quickly search for a certain function in the app, such as how a line of text, how to increase the size of the line back ... (resembles a paper clip in the Office 2003).
- Application Sway lets you create quick presentations, beauty was also present for the desktop PC.
- Image inserted into the document will automatically rotate in the correct direction when shooting.
- Outlook 2016 is improved in terms of search, store, send and receive emails, have the option to retain email only from 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days ago.
- The IT administrator can now create, manage and enforce policy document authentication as well as file sharing easier with Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
- Support deploy, install and activate Office 2016 more easily in the enterprise environment.
- Macros and Add-in nothing changing, convenient for businesses to analyze the old documents without writing code again.
- Enhanced security with Visio files.
- Office 365 Planner: a project management tools to run Web-based, close Asana or Trello.
- Delve Office 365: Office 365 akin Planner but for less urgent things, have the ability to automatically push content to the top concern.

Size: MB.

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