Post: Transforming IT infrastructure
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Most organisations including corporate organisations are transforming their IT infrastructure while seeking the support of infrastructure services to become top global organisations. Though there are many organisations providing such services, leading companies such as Tata Consultancy Services helps organisations to create and manage better IT infrastructure to meet dynamic business requirements. Cognizant is another leading organisation providing services such as infrastructure security; it provides best practices and solutions that help reduce and manage IT risk. Service professionals conduct risk assessments and identify the issues that can affect the security of the infrastructure and provide adequate solutions. They help organisations to build secure infrastructures that can promote their functioning. The security services include infrastructure security planning, network vulnerability assessment, secure internet gateway assessment and security operations center. The security planning services include the development of security policies and the identification of precise security specifications. The security managed services include managed firewall service, unified threat management, identity management and anti-virus or anti-spam. Cognizant is also rendering network and convergence services to transform the complex network infrastructure of organisations into dynamic systems to meet the requirements of the increasing communications. IT infrastructure services are improving the functioning of many organisations; leading corporate organisations such as HCL are providing infrastructure management services. There are different categories of organisations benefitting from the services such as banking and financial organisations, insurance, real estate, healthcare and even government organisations. The services provided by HCL includes Data Center operations and transformation, network security services, cross functional services, integrated operations management services, communications and connectivity services. It provides continuous technical support to the organisations and supports their IT infrastructure well.