Interlude L2OFF High Rate x500, Easy farm, Stable server, Active GM`s, Balanced classes.

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Detailed list of features:

100% working Interlude skills. (I mean 100%. All of them work, no exceptions)
Auto-learn skills.
Max. level is 80 100%.
Fully working Interlude Clan System. (everything works (100%), including clan skills, clans can level up to 6/7/8, academy is working and so on)
Zariche and Cursed Weapon System. (Working Zariche, Akamanah)
Duel System fully working. (1v1 and Party Duel)
Giran main town.
Full Npc buffer.
30 buffslots available.
6 debuff slots fully working.
Free Class changer.
Flawless Geodata, it works perfectly.
Augmentation chances boosted and fully working.
Every new character starts on level 40 with full C-grade gear.
Subclass is free, noblesse is buyable (in a close-end stage).
Balanced classes.
General enchant rates : 70%.
Max Armor enchant : +10
Max Weapon enchant : +16
No Clan Penalties.
Custom spawns protection to avoid spawnkilling.
Armor and Weapon Shop with all needed gear. (balanced prices HR wise)
Olympiad fully working.
Hero System and hero skills.
Misc Shop with everything you need.
Retail-like clan halls.
Sieges 100%.
Offline shop system ( /offline_shop ).
Armor Penalty.
General buffs, songs and dances last 2 hours.
Empower potion.
Subclass change npc's in Giran center.
Custom Titanium Armor. ( 15% better than normal S-grade ).
Custom Icarus Weapons.
Dusk Shield. ( Increases Shock Resist ).
Custom Mage Tattoo. ( Increases M.Atk. + Cast.Spd. + Run Spd. ).
Custom Fighter Tattoo ( Increases P.Atk. + Atk.Spd. + Run Spd. ).
Ketra/Varka Raids drop custom armor parts by decent chance and epics jewels by low chance.
Dusk Shield. ( Increases Shock Resist ).
Anti buff to prevent bad buffs.
Boosted weight limit.
Farming zones : The classic -> Elven Fortress.