Garmin City Navigator Europe 2011.32 NT (2010)

Garmin City Navigator Europe 2011.32 NT (2010) | 2.02 GB

Map of City Navigator Europe NT, with about 3 million objects and more than 9.3 million kilometers of roads, provides all the data necessary for traveling in Europe. Now to the mapping City Navigator Europe NT added coverage of Iceland, a new detailed coverage of the Azores, as well as expanded coverage of Croatia and address information for France and Italy. City Navigator provides the most detailed street maps for precise navigation "from point to point" to any address or intersection. You can also plot a route to restaurants, petrol stations, hotels, entertainment centers.
Program Title: City Navigator Europe
Year: 2010
Software version: 2011.32 NT
Developer: Garmin, Navteq
Platform: Garmin
Language: English
* Includes full coverage for Western Europe and many countries in Eastern Europe for more information, see the coverage map.
* Includes detailed coverage of Croatia;
* Contains extensive detailed coverage of Romania and Ukraine;
* Indication of about 3 million objects - restaurants, hotels, border crossings, entertainment centers, campgrounds, shops,
* Offers more than 9.3 million kilometers of roads, including highways, national and regional highways and local roads;
* Includes detailed information such as: loss of rotation, the instructions for the passage of the circular road junctions, speed categories and other navigation data;
* Gets the navigation instructions to move from turn to turn to your compatible device;
* Includes traffic data for compatible devices using a traffic receiver;
* Improved pronunciation data for compatible devices, which pronounces the street names.
Coverage Area:
* Great Britain: Full Coverage
* Isle of Man: Full Coverage
* Northern Ireland: Full coverage
* Ireland: Full coverage
* Channel Islands: Full Coverage
* Denmark: Full coverage
* Finland: Full Coverage
* Iceland: full coverage
* Norway: full coverage
* Sweden: Full coverage
* France: Full coverage
* Andorra: Full coverage
* Belgium: full coverage
* Netherlands: Full Coverage
* Luxembourg: full coverage
* Italy: full coverage
* Austria: Full Coverage
* Switzerland: Full Coverage
* Liechtenstein: full coverage
* Spain: Full coverage
* Portugal: Full coverage
* Gibraltar: Full coverage
* Azores: full coverage
* Germany: full coverage
* Czech Republic: full coverage
* Greece: full coverage
* Latvia: full coverage
* Lithuania: full coverage
* Poland: full coverage
* Slovakia: full coverage
* Hungary: full coverage
* Slovenia: full coverage
* Croatia: full coverage
* Bulgaria: Detailed coverage of Sofia
* Romania: Covering the major urban areas
* Turkey: Covering the major urban areas
* Moldova: Major Roads Only
* Serbia and Montenegro: Major Roads Only
* Albania: Major Roads Only
* Macedonia: Major Roads Only
* Ukraine: covering the main urban areas
Additional Information:
* FID: 2281

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