Virtual CD v10.1.0.9 Full Retail + Virtual CD NMS (Network Management Server) Retail *DOA* | 155.65 MB

Virtual CD - program to create a virtual CD-ROM drive. Allows creation of up to 25 virtual CD / DVD-drive and limited only by the size of free space on your hard disk images of CD / DVD, which if necessary will be able to work simultaneously with different applications.

Another use of multiple virtual CD-drives - installation in the most frequently used images of CDs on a regular basis (in this case would not need to first "embed" them into a virtual CD-drive, and only then to use). The program can work with Data / Audio / mixedmode CD, DVD-ROM, non-CSS DVD-Video, Photo-CD and CD-Text. When you create images of CDs to record them on a hard disk can be in normal mode and compressed (eg, data-drive can be compressed from 650 MB to 135 MB) may zaparolivanie created a virtual CD-ROM and use created virtual CD-ROM drive on your network. If necessary, Virtual CD is connected to the Internet and download information about audio-CD from the CDDB.

The main functions of Virtual CD:
- Ability to use up to 25 virtual drives at the same time
- Create an unlimited number of virtual disks
- Editor to create virtual disks of any content
- Automatic recognition of title, album and artist audio CDs
- Support for DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, Photo-CD and CD-Text formats
- Easy to use a simplified copy mode for beginners
- Organization of the virtual disks into folders
- Importing ISO Files
- Improved data compression
- Access to virtual drives within the network
- Supports up to 99 audio tracks per virtual CD drive
- Editing of existing virtual disks using the integrated editor
- Editor actuators to change the number of virtual drives in the system
- Protection of the virtual disk password from unauthorized access

This version has the following new features and enhancements:
- Introduced the full support of the operating system Windows 7;
- Added support for Blu-Ray and HD DVD;
- Significantly redesigned interface for easier access to features.
- Added functions to write data to CD, DVD and Blu-Ray;
- Added fast convert any audio files in popular MP3 or OGG Vorbis. It is possible to establish the quality of the output file;
- New mode "Data Safe" for automatic creation of encrypted disks;
- Other enhancements: enhanced support for ISO-images, the integration of external software application interface, an expanded API for developers, and other, less significant improvements.

Virtualize your CDs, DVD, HD DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and get the fastest possible access to your data, both locally and over the network. Virtual CD creates images of your optical media, so you can use them at any time without having the physical medium on hand. Your data is available exactly as if the medium was in the drive, without the disadvantages attendant, for example, on network shares. The images created can be stored on a server to enable simultaneous access by multiple users. When creating an image, you have the option of selecting the level of compression and, if desired, even encryption. You get maximum availability of your data, while lost, damaged and stolen media become a thing of the past. With a simple left click on the Virtual CD symbol you arrive at the program menu where you can utilize all important Virtual CD functions. If you click on the symbol with the right mouse key, the drive menu opens. Here you can e. g. insert and eject images or insert blank CDs in the virtual burner.

Not only does Virtual CD serve you with its well-engineered ergonomy, but it also keeps the security of your data in mind. To protect sensitive data and to keep files confidential, you can use a virtual DVD RAM blank CD as an encrypted fixed disk with up to 17.5 GB. After entering your password, you can read and write your data on it as if you were using a regular fixed disk. In the background, Virtual CD codes the data on-thy-fly with the safe AES 256bit-encryption without your noticing anything.

OS: WinAll
Language: English

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