Proshow Style Pack Vol 4 with Escapes & Grunge Appeal | 475.87 MB

ProShow StylePacks are collections of high-quality, instant slide enhancements that expand the initial Slide Style offerings in ProShow Gold and Producer. Each ProShow StylePack comes with dozens of pre-made effects that turn your slides and photos into extraordinary layouts and animations!
ProShow StylePack Volume 4

Backlit Visions- A dramatic backlight illuminates a series of unique displays that feature converging and spreading images.
Crossing Paths- Two images pan across the screen from opposite ends, revealing a third image and grayscale background in the center. Images shown in color are framed by brightened duplicates.
Duality- A color image is displayed opposite its warm-toned grayscale counterpart. This sleek, modern layout features opposing pan motion and works well when used back-to-back.
Fanfare- A display of portrait images grows & fans out from behind a glowing horizon line, with titles featured in the lower portion of the screen.
Frameworks- Images subtly move across the screen, elegantly displayed in various combinations of light or dark frames against a lightened or darkened background. The contrasting frame is a modified duplicate image.
Oblique- A series of images pans across the screen obliquely, corners perfectly matching in a sort of checkered pattern. Foreground images are framed to contrast from the background.
Radiate- An image approaches from the center while an array of duplicates, either dark or light, radiates outwardly from behind it, breaking apart to reveal a contrasting grayscale background.
Reflective Gallery- A glossy, reflective black surface serves as the stage for multiple moving arrangements of images in varying intensities and sizes. A title version is included.
Shadowplay- A deep shadow on a softly-lit background creates a distinctive sense of depth and elevation for images in these modern yet classic displays.
Sidewinder- Images in black frames slide across a white background in opposing directions and a staggered order.
Smooth Talk- A light or dark gradient background serves as the landing area for a classic title display, positioned opposite a moving montage of images or single image.
Swept Away- An image drifts across the screen beneath a set of titles, with a myriad of leaves swirling on a colored background image. Color scheme can be modified from the blue, bronze, green and red options.
Texture Fade- An image is displayed against a lighter background version of itself, masked in various textured styles, featuring options that simulate dry brush on canvas, halftone patterns and wet brush on glass.
Vanishing Point- An image extends from a tunnel-like vanishing point supported by many smaller duplicates as it sweeps across the screen. Works well when used back-to-back.
Zephyr- A series of images is swept across the screen in a scattered, random arrangement, as if a gust of wind just blew in. Works great as an intro or ending scene.
Dark Suspension- An image and a darker, vignetted duplicate glide in from opposite directions, morphing dramatically into a new pair of images. Simulates variable motion speeds.
Gloss and Glamour- Titles glide across a glossy dark or light surface beneath a sequence of reflected images that elegantly pan and morph from one scene to another in the background.
Limelight- A dramatic spotlight illuminates a dark image located center stage, along with its supporting background scenery. Available in both single and montage options.
Portrait Persuasion- An image framed in white or black is shown suspended on a vertical line against a contrasting background, with duplicate images moving in opposite directions. An extended version with a photo fly-in intro is included.
Ribbon Reveal- A full color snapshot glides on-screen from either the left or right, across a softer, muted duplicate image background. A horizontal ribbon of bright color slides in from the opposite direction.
Soft Orbit- An image and a semi-transparent duplicate orbit each other in a soft, floating arc. Use this style back-to-back to create a cool, continuously cycling effect.
Squared- Three images are introduced one by one against a light neutral background and morph into square sections of a clean, modern title scene.
Strip Tease- An array of diagonal strips fades into view, revealing a sneak peek of the images shown later. Each image is displayed in the montage, a strip at a time with a burst of light.
Troika- Three images fade in gracefully, one by one across a light background. Alternate layout options are included in addition to a dynamic, extended montage version.
Unity- Three slices of an image unite to become one, in varying motion patterns. Once the image becomes whole, the white background transforms into a softly blurred, colored background that complements the image.

New! ProShow StylePack Escapes

Escapes features 25 style combos designed to complement an array of popular travel and vacation scenes, whether the setting is exotic, urban, or even right at home in your own backyard. These styles combine professional-quality art backgrounds with subtle motion and image effects. They're perfect for adding an extra shot of color & texture to your images, but also help pull show elements together for a more unified look.

ProShow StylePack Grunge Appeal

Grunge Appeal features 25 style combos, each designed to instantly give your show a distinctive, edgy-cool look. These styles combine professional-quality art backgrounds with subtle motion and image effects. They're perfect for adding an extra shot of color & texture to your images, but also help pull show elements together for a more unified look.

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