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Post: ATOMIX Virtual DJ 6.0.1 FULL Edition
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ATOMIX Virtual DJ 6.0.1 FULL Edition + SERIAL

Hey Mr DJ ! Looking for a powerful and easy-to-use MP3 DJ mix software ? You found it !

AtomixMP3 is the ancestor of VirtualDJ, and even though development for this product has been stopped since 2003, many users still use it for two reasons:

# First, it was designed to run on i486 computers at 400MHz and 64Mb of RAM, so any computer that's still alive today should be able to run it without a glitch.
# Second, in the past 5 years, we're still to hear someone report a bug or a crash on it.

Of course, its features are a little light compared to the evolution of its big brother VirtualDJ PRO. But if you don't need the new features, and wants something stable and light, then AtomixMP3 is for you.

AtomixMP3 has a standard two deck player with play/pause/stop/cue buttons, pitch control, a mixer with 3 band equalizers with kills, volume control, gain, crossfader. It computes BPM automatically on the fly, can beatmatch automatically or provide a visual aid to manual beatmatching, has an automatic pitch matching and level matching. It has audio effects, smart loops, mater tempo, recording, visual effects. You can use it with one or two soundcards, with multi-output soundcards, or split the stereo.

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